If tree roots have invaded your sewer, choose the tree root removal specialists at Wellington Drainage for expert removal, quality repairs and safe preventative solutions to inhibit future growth in your pipes. Our tree root removal and preventative solutions include:

Drain & Sewer Tree Root Removal

1. Hydro Jetting System

The incredibly powerful spray of the hydro jetting system literally blasts the tree roots into pieces leaving smaller particles which safely wash away down the sewer line. Hydro jetting is fast, incredibly effective and will leave your sewer line clean in the process. Read more here.

2. Up Front Pricing

No guesswork, no hourly rates, just clear, honest per job pricing so you know the complete start to finish price of your tree root removal, preventative solution or repair.

3. Expert Advice & Repairs

If your sewer pipe’s structural integrity has been compromised due to the tree root intrusion, we’ll inspect the level of damage and advise you on the best available solutions and perform all necessary repairs or replacements including trenchless repairs.

4. Herbicidal Root Inhibitors

Prevent tree roots intruding in the first place or from returning with our safe and very effective herbicidal root inhibitors which are safe enough to use without causing damage or destruction to surrounding plant life.

5. No Dig Trenchless Repairs

For the fastest and least disruptive repair, the trenchless repair solution enables us to access your pipe without digging up the area above which could be your garden or driveway. Not only does this save you time as repairs are performed quicker without the need to dig, it will also save you the expense of replacing or rebuilding those areas. Read more here.

6. On Time Professionalism

At Wellington Drainage, we’re committed to arriving on-time so you’re not left waiting around for a plumber to arrive. Choose from convenient appointment times and be confident we’ll arrive on-time, every time.

For safe and effective removal of tree roots in your Wellington sewer line and expert repairs, depend on the rapid response on-time experts and call the team at Wellington Drainage today.


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