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1. Blocked Kitchen Drains

With the amount of grease, fat and food waste that passes through, kitchen drains are prone to blockages. If you have a blockage in your kitchen drain, we can safely remove the cause of blockage quickly and have water flowing away freely again.

2. Blocked Bathroom Drains

Whether in the bath, shower or floor, bathroom drains are continually exposed to grime, soap scum, detergents & organic matter such as hair that can accumulate over time, restricting water flow or blocking your drain completely. If you have standing water in your bath, shower or sink or the water is taking longer to drain away, you can depend on us to expertly clear it for you.

3. Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet is frustrating as well as unsanitary, so we’ll arrive quickly assess the cause of the blockage and using the best method to suit the cause, will remove that blockage fast so you can use your toilet again today.

4. Electric Eel & Hydro Jetting Systems

We’ve got the right equipment and expertise to ensure any blockage, no matter how stubborn, is removed safely and quickly from your drains. From the electric eel’s rapid rotating blades to the high powered blast of water from the hydro jetting system, no matter how stubborn your blockage, we’ll have it removed today.

5. Preventative Cleaning

Reduce the chance of a blockage occurring in your drain with our preventative drain cleaning service that clears away build up from organic waste, grease and soap scum before it builds up to block water flowing freely.

6. Save Money

Keeping your drains clear with professional and regular cleaning keeps your pipes flowing unimpeded and can potentially save you money as you’re less likely to have to replace or repair pipes that have been damaged, cracked or broken due to blockages.

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